2012年3月23日 星期五

Revive Blog

More than half year no update my blog i think is a little bit over...well..I admit i just too lazy ..super lazy bug..Hmm ..'long talk short describe' i have no idea start from which month and which activity to write in .

Erm...okie, just let's start with my  2 cute, hot, trendy bestie has recently change to become mummy now!! How excited is it!!Unbelievable , just 1 year back , we used to travel at local often ,drunk together, mahjong/gamble together....i really miss the time we spent together ...(emo-ing)

What a good news when i feel bored and feel no holiday in my life , bestie Veron cute mama arrange a 2d1n short trip for us!! tik-tok.....tik-tok....tik-tok... (finger cross) time please pass faster , i can't wait anymore for my holiday !! i need to re-charge my energy....

Veron princess- Valleraine

Full month -Valleraine

2 months -Valleraine ..size getting bigger and she like sleep with this pose....cute...

Tiger baby- Valleraine ...she is so adorable..<3

Full Month baby boy -SzeThan ..His eye ball is big !!handsome boy

Steph with his baby boy -Sze Than

SzeThan- round round face

2011年9月29日 星期四

Dan & Steph Big Day




pretty bride~

cute bride-steph

pretty lady -Lavinia


heng dai~

wasabi 自制牙膏~

brother kiss~

ang pao ang pao~

ji mui~



prepare-ING dinner

my beloved min ~thanks for ur time to make me pretty,love u~

round round gals~

pretty babe--Angel

bao bei & lavinia

lonely man~

steph steph~

always bully me --YMK

uncle gang~

bao bei  & kai~

yum xing~~

lovely couple~

lovely couple~

2011年9月1日 星期四

Birthday Celebration

Lovely couple ....GF planned to give a surprise birthday party to her BF...She is just lovely and romantic...She had planned few weeks ago and 1 by 1 call  us to attend the party secretly . She decorate , she organized and just wan her bf have a unforgettable birthday celebration. 


balloon ~blow by few of friends..

happy gathering

she always know my heart..

chili padi lady...straight and sincere friend..


crazy man~

birthday cake..

stupid lok got face..



very got heart and patient to make all of this...yan~!! u are the best!

sweetness to the max~